An Amazon Queen. Theseus, in his expedition against the Amazons, fell in love with her and carried her off to Athens, where, in one story, she fought by his side against her sisters.

Theseus carrying off Antiope with Peirithoos. Detail from an Athenian red-figure clay vase, about 490 BC. Paris, Musée du Louvre G197. © Musée du Louvre, Paris Licence Plate 11 UK 1007 109

    When the crowd thinned, he approached Antiope from behind as she stood atop the deck splicing a rope like an expert dockhand. She was indeed a study in physical perfection, a figure and face that haunted his dreams. He began to reach behind and discretely slip a hand under her skirt to return the teasing familiarity, but she twirled around like a waterspout and before he could blink, there was a knife at his throat. She hissed, "Watch your hands, pretty boy. You have not earned the right to touch an Amazon in such a way."

     He stepped back, hands in the air, eyes wild and confused. "But…the way you touched me, and the way you smile at me…"

     She scowled. "Never forget, Theseus, that I am an Amazon first and foremost. I chose my own man for sport or marriage.” She winked. “When you are invited to enjoy the unequaled pleasures I can provide, you will know."